Do you think you have the best chili in the Universe? We invite you to enter the Clear Mountain Food Park "Fire On The Mountain" Chili Cook Off! There are three categories that could win you some big beans! 

• Judges Choice

• People's Choice

• Best Overall

Contestants may prepare their chili recipes on-site. We have plenty of electrical plugs. We recommend that you bring a 10' X 10' pop up tent. all the necessary crock pots, pans, utensils, table coverings, serving ware, sample cups, sauces, napkins etc..

All registered contestants must be on-site and set up no later than 11:00 AM on Sunday, October 24th. We will have a chefs meeting at Noon on the main stage.


  1. You must provide a name for your chili entry.

  2. All entries must include a minimum of 1 quart of chili for judging purposes. All entrants are encouraged to produce enough chili to allow the general public to taste and judge for people's choice category. All chili entrants must have their chili to the Judges table no later than 2:55 PM on the day of the contest. Judging will start at 3:00 PM sharp.

  3. Once you submit your chili you may not change, alter or add any ingredients whatsoever to the submitted entry. This includes thinning agents such as water, beer, hot sauce etc...

  4. All entrants will be provided with a randomly drawn number. Judges choice will be conducted by a panel of local chefs and personalities. Judges will not know who's chili they are being served.

  5. Judging criteria and scoring - A single score takes into consideration the five criteria for scoring:

    • Aroma • Consistency • Color • Taste • Aftertaste

    Scoring: Each cup of chili will be scored on its own merits with a whole number from 0 to 5, 5 being the highest.


  6. People’s Choice will be awarded to the entrant that collects the most chili tokens. Your samples must not exceed 2 ounces of chili as a taster. The People’s Choice Chili will be chosen selected and announced at 5:00 PM.

  7. Best Overall will be a culmination of the Judge's Choice and the number of People's Choice votes received by any entrant. To win the Best Overall you will need to place in the top 3 in the Judge's Choice and you will need to have collected the most chili tokens over the competition.


Thanks for submitting!