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Please read the set up guidlelines below to ensure that all participating vendors have a smooth set up and exit experience. We'd like to make this as painless as possible given that we have limited on-site parking. We will only accept the first 30 vendors every Saturday that confirm their desire to set up and sell. We will be hosting our Farmers & Flea Market every Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM weather permitting. 

  1.  Set up is from 7 AM to 8:30 AM. Any vendor that is not on-site by 8:30 AM will not be permitted to enter and set up their booth space. Vendors may park their vehicle on site. Please limit vehicles to one per vendor booth as we have limited on site parking and want to be sure that patrons visiting to buy have a place to park as well.

  2.  All participating vendors must provide their own 10' x 10' pop-up tent, table, chairs and and booth decorations.

  3.  Additional space and electric are available by request. There is a $25 one time set up fee for all vendors. Your $25 space fee is good for the entire 2022 season and guarantees that you will have a space every Saturday.  If you require more than a 10' X 10' space, please email us at

  4. All Vendors must tear down and exit the their space no later than 2 PM in the afternoon. We have quite a few food trucks that will be rotating into the park between 2 pm and 4 pm when our dinner session begins and we need to ensure that they have adequate room to maneuver their large food trucks without any limitations or obstacles.

  5. No vendor may sell any beverages without prior written permission. No pop, no water, no alcohol. All beverage sales are handled by the Clear Mountain Food Park unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. There are exceptions made for participating vendors that specialize in certain types of beverages. You may bring your own beverages for your own personal consumption but not for sale to the public.

Yes I plan To Be There As A Vendor!

To confirm your participation please fill out the below information. You agree to adhere to the setup and tear-down guidelines as outlined above. Thank you for your cooperation and interest in being a part of our Saturday Farmers & Flea Market.

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